We define real-time bookkeeping as services that provide a business owner or management team with financial information on an up-to-the-minute basis. This service is like having a bookkeeper in your office, without having to pay full-time for the employee.

We customize the service to meet your needs, but we do the following for most of our clients:

  1. Access client bank records online and enter transactions on a regular basis, which vary from daily to weekly or monthly.
  2. Enter expenses as they happen. The client notifies us when checks are written or a debit card is used and we update balances to accurately reflect available cash. We can also track debit card use directly online, saving time for the client.
  3. Process all customer invoices for the client.
  4. Record payments and deposits against customer invoices.
  5. Reconcile bank statements.
  6. Create financial statements for review.

This bookkeeping is most often at an hourly rate based on usage.

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