Five Reasons Your Business Needs Us as Your Fractional CFO

A fractional CFO is a knowledgeable resource to help make long-term, strategic financial decisions. Using an outsourced CFO can help stabilize your business and promote growth. More and more companies rely on a part-time CFO to help save money and maintain a flexible team. Leverage Wren Group's fractional CFO expertise to drive broader business benefits.

Assign Responsibility

Fractional CFOs bridge the gap between finance and management. One reason to use Wren Group as your fractional CFO is to assign responsibility throughout your company’s team. We can give your leaders financial insights that help them allocate resources more effectively, make smarter decisions, and build for a better future. Our fractional CFO services help turn your vision into a successful business.

  • We put the right people in the right roles at the right time.
  • We possess the leadership skills to assemble successful finance and accounting teams.
  • We accept the challenge of defining roles and assigning responsibilities to build a better future for any company.

Analyze Numbers

Wren Group’s fractional CFO services can analyze your company’s financial data to identify trends and areas for improvement. We identify key financial metrics, such as profit margins, cash flow, and revenue growth. We use this data to provide practical insights into what works well for a business and what needs to change to improve profitability.

Analyzing numbers is much more than subtracting budgeted numbers from actuals. Wren Group’s fractional CFO services explain why actuals missed the forecast. Are sales taking off faster than expected? Are raw materials or personnel costs higher than the budget specified? Are growth forecasts too optimistic? The answers to these questions from a knowledgeable resource offer valuable insight for any business to help make long-term, strategic financial decisions.

Review Sales

A fractional CFO can objectively assess how many salespeople your business needs and identify individuals on the team who are not performing. Using Wren Group’s objectivity in their fractional CFO services can be particularly valuable when the head of sales resists making changes to the salesforce.

Our fractional CFO services offer this type of evaluation. They can also cover customer service/relationship managers regarding how many customers one can support and the best way to structure the support team.

Strategic Planning

A fractional CFO with experience in your industry never loses sight of the business's profitability, viability, or customer satisfaction. They can advise on the business model an early-stage company is pursuing and may suggest modifications or an alternative approach that might offer better results.
Wren Group's fractional CFO services provide businesses with an objective, independent sounding board for ideas like:

  • If we do this, will it grow the business?
  • Can we afford this?
  • What is the likelihood of success?
  • How can we tweak this idea to maximize profitability and minimize risk?
  • What effect will this have on other areas of the business?

Using The Wren Group as your fractional CFO can help turn an idea into a realistic model with numbers and forecasts.



Reviewing Financials

Wren Group's fractional CFO services review financial statements to assess an organization's current and future sustainability. These reports give them access to information about the short-term and long-term health of the company. Identifying mistakes, oversights, and questionable items helps them identify trends in financial performance over time.

Oversight by a strong fractional CFO from The Wren Group gives you and your investors confidence in your financials.

Ready To Partner With Us as Your Fractional CFO?