Outsourced Bookkeeping

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to The Wren Group provides an experienced and qualified team to handle your finances. You get a highly skilled bookkeeper or accountant with a proven track record, saving you time and money.

Why You Should Outsource Your Bookkeeping

Were you at your kitchen table reviewing and entering this week’s business receipts or invoices last night? Is the work you’re doing making money for the business or just consuming your valuable time? The three hours you spend paying a bill, entering a credit card receipt, coding an expense, making a deposit, or reconciling an account (if you’re even doing that) are three hours you’re not spending in your field of expertise. Using an example of $100 an hour, three times a week, those three hours cost you $1300 a month. That’s a lot of lost revenue at the expense of your stress level, all while trying to get your bookkeeping done right.

Bookkeeping Services

The Wren Group’s accounting and bookkeeping services take the chore off your plate and allow you to spend your limited time generating revenue in your business. Our staff does everything for you in a fraction of the time, for less than the revenue you lost to do it yourself.

Our services are timely, efficient, and effective. Our clients know exactly where they are financially at any given time. They have accurate financial reports and checkbook balances, and payroll is done correctly, with tax filings made on time. They pay their vendors on time. After using The Wren Group, many clients report that their taxes were filed without an extension for the first time ever because their books were ready for their CPA. We make bookkeeping a snap.

What To Expect With Our Services

What does using The Wren Group’s bookkeeping service give you? Peace of mind, the job done right, and timely reporting that helps you make decisions. We start with a discovery call where we’ll listen to your pain points, understand what you need from your system, create a road map to get where you want to go, and take a ridiculous amount of notes. After we assess where you are now and where you want to go, we give you a project plan and a price. The price is usually a flat monthly fee, with an adjusting rate for any cleanup work needed.

Just a week or two into the engagement, you’ll find you suddenly have more time on your hands to run your business, your books are correct, and if you want to run a report, it’s accurate and up-to-date.


Payroll is a necessary task in every business, but the schedules, tax tables, and filing requirements are daunting to the average business owner. Do you know when to file a 941? Are you a Schedule B Filer? How about 940 deposits? Are they due annually or monthly? And the bad news? Forty percent of small businesses pay about $850 in payroll tax penalties yearly.

Let The Wren Group manage every aspect of your payroll: entering hours, job costing, direct deposits, and timely and accurate tax filings. We offer several payroll solutions, one of which will fit your business perfectly.

Merchant Services

QuickBooks Payments is a smart solution for customers who use QuickBooks products. It allows you to manage all of your payments in one place. Whether you’re paid online or in person through ACH, cards, or digital wallets, we have a solution that automatically records and matches all your digital payments through QuickBooks, so you’re paid fast and never miss a thing. Signing up with us gives you preferred rates and discounts!

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