What Does a Fractional CFO Do?

The Wren Group offers fractional CFO services that help clients move from owners tied to and working IN their business to those with more freedom to work ON their business, moving it forward and achieving financial independence.


Financial Planning & Strategy

A solid financial plan and a roadmap to get there start with core questions like: What are the aspirations and goals of the business? What products or services will you offer, and in what market? How does your offering beat others in the same market space? What management systems and processes are necessary for your success? Are you setting and achieving monthly, quarterly, and annual goals? As your fractional CFO, we use these answers to give you a roadmap for growth and success.


Help Grow Your Business

As your business gets more complex, a fractional CFO will help you scale it and ensure your growth is profitable. The revenues are paying the bills, but you, as the business owner, can’t quite get OUT of the business. We review your processes, analyze your vendor relationships, and examine how your growth can help your customers. Growing revenue past a certain point sometimes creates declining margins and more headaches. We help you get out in front of your growth to reduce these pain points and help you be more efficient AND more profitable.


Set & Achieve Business Goals

Maybe you have a specific goal for your business - revenue targets, new markets, or even a business sale. Often, a fractional CFO is brought into an organization to help achieve this one goal. Whether preparing the business for sale or merger, raising capital or maybe it’s just growing one area of the business, our services will help you get there. You may realize that you’re no closer to achieving the freedom of money and time you want and that you have a very stressful job in a business you happen to own. We can get your books in order, produce forecasts, assist and sit in on board meetings, review contracts, and oversee due diligence to help you achieve your goals.


Oversee Accounting & Reporting

Your business may have existed for a while, is successful, and has a bookkeeper – but it’s just treading water. You have employees, but no one except you is responsible for revenue and expenses. Our company can operate as your fractional CFO and use our finance team to meet your evolving needs. We can assist your in-house staff with training, creating vital approval and expense sign-off processes, and strategic purchasing. We can complement your current team with an elevated financial experience they may not have.

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