Getting paid. On the go, in the office, on the phone, on the web, in your QuickBooks—however you need to be paid, there is an Intuit merchant service that will work for you.

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Use QuickBooks to easily process payments right in your software. Add Billing solutions and give your clients a professional invoice right in their e-mail, with a clickable link to pay you directly.

Pricing: Two plans – Premium/Basic; Low monthly fees and swipe rates. Billing solutions $9.95/mo.

QuickBooks POS

If you use the retail solution, QuickBooks POS, there’s no easier way to accept credit cards from your customers than with the integrated merchant account from Intuit. Ring up the sale and accept payment in one easy step, without having to re-enter any data into another processing system.

Pricing: Low monthly rate and swipe percentage

Mobile Device – GoPayment

Intuit GoPayment accepts all major credit cards on your iPhone or Android. With the free GoPayment reader, you swipe the card, the client signs the screen, and the charge is instantly processed with a receipt e-mailed directly to your customer. Both the reader and the app are free, and you can set up accounts for you and your staff. Perform residential services? Provide an easy way for your clients to pay you without having to send an invoice or a work ticket.

Pricing: Pay as you go, no monthly fee but a higher rate, or choose a monthly fee and a lower rate.


Log into a website and use either a USB card reader from your computer or just enter the card into the online terminal. It’s just like a merchant terminal, only virtual. You can log in from any computer or smartphone and process a payment.

Pricing: Monthly fee then low swipe or key rates

Web Store

Process right from your website with eCommerce card processing.

Pricing: Monthly fee then processing rates