CBS News estimated that the cost for a company to recruit, hire, and train a new employee was approximately 20% of the salary of a position earning up to $50,000 annually. The risk of a bad hire—either one that doesn’t work out because of attendance issues, or one who doesn’t have the skills as stated on their resumes—is huge for a business.

When clients want to add to their team, they call us to handle placement of a long-term employee with the experience and skills required for the job. We offer a complete professional recruiting service, from job descriptions to interviews, skill assessment, and background checks.

There are two things that really set us apart from the standard placement companies. Since we have usually worked with the recruiting client before as their QuickBooks consultant, we understand first-hand what type of accounting skill set is required for the position, and we can test for that exact skill set. We weed out those who say, “Yes, I know QuickBooks,” when really they don’t.

Second, we can place a candidate based on a good fit with the existing office staff. Don’t want a diva to upset your quiet office? We can help eliminate the upset of a potential employee that wreaks havoc on the environment you’ve worked so hard to create.

Although recruiting engagement services may change from client to client, as a part of our recruiting service, we will:

  • Discuss with you the detailed requirements for your open position
  • Discuss salaries and benefits and market comparables
  • Place advertisements to attract candidates
  • Collect resumes
  • Screen resumes and interview potential candidates
  • Test candidates’ QuickBooks knowledge
  • Provide feedback to the client on testing results
  • Request and check references
  • Run a state criminal and MVR background check on the final candidates
  • Provide at least two candidates for your final review and selection

Our services are paid for based on a percentage of the hired salary. Contact us for details.


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