QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a cloud-based solution that Inuit developed for the smaller sized business with the need to log in from any computer at any time. It comes with Intuit based support, automatic backups, and the first thirty days are free. QBO has multiple levels of functionality. It ranges from allowing a company to pay bills, set minimal user access constraints, and download transactions from your bank and credit card accounts. There is also some inventory tracking available, as well as the option to prepare and print 1099s, and creating/sending purchase orders.

QBO can have from one to five users logged in at the same time, depending on the version you choose. Unlike desktop versions of QuickBooks accounting software, QBO houses one EIN per paid subscription, so if you need multiple EIN’s, you’ll be required to have multiple subscriptions, although they can all be accessed via one login. Ask about our third-party add-on to be able to do combined reporting across multiple QBO licenses.