QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is a robust accounting system that has evolved to handle not just accounting, but inventory, job costing, and detailed reporting for the client who needs a more robust solution than QuickBooks Pro or Premier. With user roles in Enterprise, allow only access to certain pieces of the software, rather than the more broad spectrum allowed in Pro or Premier.

Job Costing

    • Track reps by job, not just by customer, and use customizable purchase forms to view expenses by rep or any custom field.
    • Filter reports by job status. For example, view completed jobs only, excluding those that are in progress.
    • Run Work In Progress and Committed Costs reports at the click of a button


    • Build all subassemblies automatically with a final build, instead of building each subassembly individually.
    • Use the BOM cost as the cost for an assembly allowing QuickBooks to update assembly costs when component costs change, instead of manually updating costs. Choose to have QuickBooks update Assembly price when costs change.
    • Track down components using the ‘Where-used’ report. Avoid opening every assembly to see where the component is used. Replace the component in some or all assemblies with one click.
    • Assemblies now available in Add/Edit Multiple List Entries.

Auto Purchase Orders

    • Get purchasing done in two clicks. Store min and max quantities for each item, and QuickBooks enters the quantity to order for you – for all items.

New Advanced Pricing Add-on

    • Flexible pricing functionality to save you time and improve your bottom line.
    • Create thousands of price rules
    • Set sophisticated price rules based on any combination of customers, items, vendors, classes, custom fields, and more. For example:
    • Pass on a one-month manufacturer markdown
    • Charge different prices by class
        • Create an upcoming promotion using a future start date
        • Create quantity discounts
        • Offer seasonal discounts with expiration
          dates to apply on top of any regular discount
    • Manage price rules with great flexibility: apply multiple price rules at once or mark rules as exclusive; change which price rules apply at transaction time.

E-mail Enhancements

    • Now you can include multiple attachments to one QuickBooks transaction email to your customers, vendors, or other business contacts for more efficient communication.
    • Email history list provides quick access to previous conversations.
    • Customizable email templates auto-populate with customer and job information, invoice number, the amount due, and other pertinent information for reliable communication.

Income Tracker

    • Get real-time data; no reports to run or data to gather. Take immediate action on transactions to get paid. Batch print or email transactions directly from the Money Bar list and filter by transaction or customer.