Third party add-ons are software components developed by companies other than Intuit that offer an additional feature outside of QuickBooks that is not contained in the software itself. At its heart, QuickBooks is an accounting software. It has a lot of great capabilities outside of accounting functionality, but some businesses require a specific process tool. Third party add-ons can be the solution to these needs. Some are industry-specific, like manufacturing software, and others can provide a way to do more robust barcoding or a time clock-in/clock-out.

The Wren Group has established relationships with many of these vendors to be able to put you in touch with some of the best options for our clients.

To name a few:

  • TSheets – Time tracking solution
  • Fishbowl – Inventory management for smaller manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors
  • Avalara – Sales tax calculating system
  • Qvinci – Consolidated reporting and financial system
  • MISys – Manufacturing inventory solution
  • HighJump – TrueCommerce and web ordering option
  • Method CRM – Web application CRM
  • PDG – E-commerce web store option