QuickBooks Point of Sale is a retail solution that tracks inventory, sales, and offers a powerful reporting tool for retail businesses. With the addition of a QuickBooks financial product like Pro, Premier, or Enterprise, it offers complete retail and accounting functionality.

Detailed sales and inventory reports let customers know what is selling and what is not.

    • Instant reports can show customers the top-selling products, their best customers, and sales data for any time period they choose.
    • Save inventory tracking time. No manual tracking—they’re inventory is updated with every sale, order, and return.

Instantly view what’s in stock, what’s hot, and what needs to be reordered.

    • Set reorder points and automatically generate purchase orders so customers never run out of inventory and lose sales (Pro).
    • For even more control, customers can track layaways, sales orders, and serial and UPC codes (Pro).

Automatically track and reward customers.

    • Customers can use the Customer Center to easily access their customer’s contact information, like birthdays and last item purchased.
    • They can keep their customers coming back with loyalty programs, gift cards, and personalized email reminders, updates, and specials.

Never miss a sale whether on the road or have a long line in the store.

    • With the new mobile sync feature, customers can accept credit cards on their smartphone or tablet, all sales and inventory information syncs with your POS Software.

Integrated payment accounts save time and increase sales.

    • Ring up sales in store or on the go and know that all information automatically syncs with the Point of Sale software.
    • An integrated payments account eliminates the hassles of manual data entry and reconciliation.