Why Outsource?

The simple answer is that it offers better worker efficiency, provides a more skilled worker for a lower cost, bookkeepers with a proven track record saves you on software costs, and you only pay for the hours needed to get the job done.

Better Worker Efficiency

Company employees generally spread their work across their day, keeping themselves busy (hopefully anyway) from the time they walk in until the time they leave for the day. This doesn’t always mean tasks are handled quickly and efficiently; it means that they’re spread out in the time allotted. No one wants to appear as if they’re idle, and making sure there’s work to be done can become a negative focus in an office. One of the common questions when we do our process review is whether or not a position is really a full-time position. A huge challenge for most businesses is filling positions where employees are not overworked, but not underworked either.

Outsourcing solves this issue because you are only billed for actual hours needed to perform the work. There is no pressure to spread the hours out – our staff has other work to do – so we handle your account, finish what needs to be done, then move on to another task.

More Advanced Skills, at a Lower Cost

Our staff is trained and your account needs are matched to the most appropriate person in our office. Because you don’t have to guarantee hours, and you don’t have to hire someone for multiple duties such as: answering phones, bookkeeping, stuffing envelopes, etc. You get a highly skilled bookkeeper or accountant that is specialized in handling just what you need.

Bookkeepers with a Proven Track Record

Turn on the news or pick up the paper, and you’ll read an article regularly about some sort of fraud or theft in a business. Go to breakfast with a colleague, and you’ll hear about how their bookkeeper didn’t know what they were doing and it cost them thousands (that they know about) in unsent invoices or double-paid bills.

With The Wren Group, Inc.’s team of proven bookkeepers, you get a team of experienced and qualified people to handle your finances. They’re well trained and we have the references to prove it.

Save on Software Costs

Our office is always up-to-date with the latest software versions including QuickBooks – Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online, as well as the Mac version. You send your file to us, you no longer have to pay for the software, we use ours.

Paying Only for the Hours You Actually need

How do you know that the job you have hired for is really forty hours worth of work? And, if you think it’s less, how do you find someone you can trust to work fewer than forty hours a week? Do they really need full-time but responded to any ad just to get a job?

You only pay for the time you use when you outsource with us. We bill by the quarter hour, and there is no contract. If one week you require two hours of work and the next week financials have to be sent to the bank, we scale to meet your needs.