The Wren Group, Inc. was established to provide QuickBooks® support and implementation services as well as business consulting to business owners in the Metro Atlanta area, and in the city of Loganville and in Walton, Barrow, and Gwinnett Counties. We also provide internet-based support to any computer anywhere.

As both an Intuit Premier Reseller (IPR) and an Advanced Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor® (the most difficult and coveted certification), we have extensive knowledge of and experience with QuickBooks Financial, Intuit Enterprise, QuickBooks Point of Sale and the use of these software packages to effectively manage small and mid-market businesses. We hold every certification offered by Intuit.

Our services are Worthwhile, Reliable, Ethical, and Necessary (WREN) for the success of your business.

The Wren Group, Inc. – Helping your business take flight!

Why a Wren?

One of the most common questions I get is what the significance of the wren in our company name. Many wonder if my name is Anne Wren (it’s Huntsinger) or if there’s some significance to the wren.

While I consider myself an avid bird watcher and enthusiast, the truth is I didn’t know what a wren was (and specifically a Carolina wren) until the early 90′s. While on a lunch break from my corporate job, I noticed a truck hit a little bird in traffic and I stopped to see if I could pick it up. (Might be helpful to say at this point I also stop for turtles, possums, and any other critter in need, but I digress.)

I found that sweet little wren on the side of the road, dazed, but luckily not really hurt. I picked her up and took her back to my office for the afternoon until she recovered, and then let her loose before I left for the day, and she happily flew away.

Since then, I’ve learned that they’re bossy little birds who will chirp at just about anyone who will listen, and they’re hilarious to watch. There are a couple that nest in the woods at my house and who have made nests in the boxes and roosts around the deck and back porch.