Just as you know the best way to have your business serve your client, our expertise is QuickBooks. Use our knowledge and experience to customize your software in a few hours, rather than you taking weeks to get it just right. There are many components to think about and so much that can be done to give you the most benefit from the data. The first time you open QuickBooks, the software asks you a series of questions to start you down the path of a customized file and at The Wren Group we know how to make this work for you. Whether you’ve purchased QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise, we can set up your data file with options, preferences, and templates that are customized for you and your business. Let us make this software work for you while you focus on what’s important to grow your company.

Chart of Accounts

This is the heart and soul of your data file. Your chart of accounts is important because it lists how you want to classify income, expenses, assets, liabilities, equity and your bank accounts. Do you want account numbers to show? Do you want accounts with sub-accounts? We set it up so when you run reports, the data is organized into groups that are meaningful for you.

Company Preferences

If you look in a data file under Edit/Preferences, you will see options for more than a hundred preferences, from pop-up messages, to how the windows look, to sales tax, and how your company reports (cash or accrual). Some of these preferences only affect the aesthetics of your QuickBooks experience and others are major decisions that can affect your business. For example, in Georgia, you report sales tax on a cash basis (when money changes hands) but in QuickBooks, the default is to run the reports on an accrual basis. Submitting your sales tax on the wrong basis can create reporting nightmares, and even worse – on an accrual basis you are paying sales tax on invoices that you may or may not have been paid for yet! This is just one example of how crucial the customization of your file can be.


From the box, QuickBooks comes with some basic templates, but, you are limited on color, fonts, and fields. There is access to an online template library, but it is usually for a trial period and they are not very customizable. Forms (invoices, credit memos, statements, estimates, and sales orders) represent your company. We can take your forms, customize them with your logo and the fields you need to make a lasting impression.


Once all the data is in the file, the reporting is how you get meaningful information out of all the work you’ve put into the file. There are great reports already built into QuickBooks but based on what is important for your business, we can build custom reports that will give you the answers you need to steer your business.

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