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4 Ways to Get Paid Faster Using QuickBooks

It’s probably one of your toughest challenges. How do you encourage customers to make payments faster? Cash flow is a problem for so many businesses right now. Unless you sell products or services that are in high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re probably struggling to get payments from customers who are also cash-strapped. Adding […]

How to Customize Sales Forms in QuickBooks

QuickBooks comes with perfectly usable sales form templates. But you can modify content and appearance to make them yours. When you receive an invoice in the mail or online, how much attention do you pay to the way it looks? You might think you don’t, but communication we receive from vendors we patronize has an […]

Sales Receipts, Invoices, and Statements in QuickBooks

QuickBooks allows you to create multiple types of sales forms for different situations. Here’s a look at what they are and when to use them. When you buy something at a store, you want a piece of paper that shows what you purchased and what you paid. If you receive products or services before you […]

Dealing with Deposits in QuickBooks

Dealing with Deposits in QuickBooks Where do the payments you receive in QuickBooks go? The software provides tools for managing deposits. Recording payments, whether they come in to comply with an invoice you sent or are issued as sales receipts, is one of the more satisfying tasks you do in QuickBooks. The sales cycle is […]

January Reports

5 QuickBooks Reports You Need to Run in January 2020 has begun. Does your accounting to-do list look like a clean slate, or are critical 2019 tasks still looming? Getting all of your accounting tasks done in December is always a challenge. Besides the vacation time you and your employees probably took for the holidays, […]

How to Clean Up Quickbooks for 2020

How to Clean Up QuickBooks for 2020   We know December is a busy month. However, take some time now to make sure QuickBooks is ready for 2020.   Yes, it’s here again: the end of the year. You probably have a lengthy to-do list full of tasks that must be done before December 31. […]

Setting Up Sales Tax in QuickBooks, Part 2

Now that you have your sales taxes set up, you’ll be able to use them in transactions and reports. Last month, we talked about the process of setting up sales taxes in QuickBooks. To recap a bit, you first have to go to Edit | Preferences | Sales Tax to make sure the software is […]

Setting Up Sales Taxes in QuickBooks, Part 1

If your business is required to collect and pay sales taxes, you can use QuickBooks’ tools to help you meet those obligations. Next to payroll, state sales taxes represent probably the most complex element of your accounting tasks. QuickBooks can help with the mechanics, but there’s a lot you need to learn before you can […]

Do You Need to Bundle Products in QuickBooks? Create Assemblies

If you frequently sell multiple inventory items grouped together, you need to learn about QuickBooks’ assemblies. Let’s say you run a home improvement retail outlet, and one of the things you sell is doors. You might sell their parts individually—door frames, hinges, doorknobs, etc.—in case a customer needs to replace a piece. You may also […]