How Scotch Tape could cost you $100K

I was recently at a conference in San Francisco for Intuit Premier Resellers. Since it’s a reseller channel, we are regularly updated with business trends and how they relate to items we can sell, and this specific presentation was about checks. As part of the presentation, I received a book called The Art of the […]

Eight smart steps to prepare your business for chargebacks

In the event of a chargeback, is your business prepared? According to Wikipedia, “the chargeback mechanism exists primarily for consumer protection”. Notice that the definition has nothing to do with the merchant or business.  Do you have the necessary steps in place to protect yourself and get your money back?  While chargebacks are not often used […]

$1.73 Pending Ghost Charge exposes Merchant Fraud

Merchant fraud is not something you would necessarily relate to a Sunday afternoon lunch with your family.  Seems like I’m up to my eyeballs lately in credit card fraud of one type or another, and I guess by now I shouldn’t be surprised when fraud sneaks into my happy moments and gives me something else […]