The tale of a scary nine-page background check

I wasn’t too long out of college and at my first “real job” (no background check required) when I stumbled into my very first fraud. I’d been assigned to do some job costing reports because my boss could not find out why the company was losing so much money on a job. After some digging, […]

Create complex passwords you know & hackers won’t

I don’t know about you but it’s gotten to the point that I wonder how in the world someone else can hack my password when I have trouble remembering it myself. When a scare like the Heartbleed Bug happens websites respond by increasing password complexity requirements, making it even more difficult to remember which password […]

And for security purposes, your mother’s maiden name is……?

In last month’s blog, I shared some of the interesting ways that businesses can be subjected to fraud with their business checks, using simple household things like scotch tape. Lately I’ve been thinking about passwords and how to keep personal information safe and secure.Now all of us are pretty careful about our social security numbers, […]